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Soren’s House

Soren’s House was established in March 2016 by Sally Jackson as a ‘Not on the Highstreet’ e-tailer, selling children’s décor items and toys from Denmark and Sweden. One year later, Soren’s House launched their own website alongside the web shop both fitting perfectly around Sally’s family allowing her to spend more time with the kids.

In December 2017, Sally’s world turned upside down when her son, Seth, was diagnosed with a serious disease. Sally closed the store to focus solely on his treatment and recovery.

In August 2018, Sally’s partner Max left his job to help reopen and rebrand Soren’s House to a modern, natural design store for children. 

Fast forward to November 2019, Seth is doing really well and is getting stronger everyday! Sally and Max now have a warehouse and office that they work from, doing everything themselves from packing orders to unloading deliveries.

It truly is a family business!

1. How would you describe the concept of your store?
Soren’s House is a modern, natural design store for children and babies. Following my son’s diagnosis of lymphoma at 6 years old, our family became almost obsessive about the food we ate, the clothes we were wearing and the products that we brought into our home. We wanted organic where possible and always non-toxic, so we decided to bring this concept to our store.

2. Which labels do you present?
For clothing we currently sell Pigeon Organics, Little Green Radicals and Turtledove London. These brands all sell GOTS certified organic clothing from birth to 8 years, which means even the dyes and prints they use are non-toxic.

3. You are based in Holmfirth, Yorkshire. What’s the best place for kids there?
Without a doubt the best place for children here is the outdoors. There is an abundance of beautiful walks, reservoirs and woodland, we seem to discover new places all the time.

4. Do you have a hint for parents when shopping for their kids?
Keep it simple and practical where possible. There can be such a pressure to buy all of the plastic toys that children see advertised on TV, but sometimes we have found that these are expensive and just get shoved to the back of a cupboard. For smaller gifts, we always try to buy something to read, something to wear, something to eat, something to make or something to play together. Games and jigsaw puzzles still go down really well in our house.

5. What was your favourite toy when you were a child?
My doll, Henrietta. She had her own cot next to my bed, a pram that I would walk her around the village in, and my Grandma would make her outfits. In fact, she was such a fully-fledged member of our family, my grandparents went to the US on holiday, and even brought Henrietta an outfit back. My daughter has her now, she is a bit ragged but very well loved.

6. How do you think online shops will evolve in the next future?
Online shops are really convenient, but I don’t think that they will fully take over from the high street. There is nothing better than a beautiful shop, where you can feel and see the products. I think online retailers will start to have flagship high street showrooms, maybe even collaborative ones, so that consumers can see the quality of their products, try on clothing for size and get a feel for their brand.

7. kids and internet…..what do you think about it?
If it’s used safely and in moderation, I think the internet can be great for children. It will undoubtedly be a part of their future, so at home we are trying to teach them how to use it positively. We have a computer in the kitchen which helps to keep them safe when they are online, as I can keep an eye on what they are watching. They use it for their homework, and they are only allowed to play on screens in the kitchen or in the lounge, just so we can keep an eye on what they are doing. We have time limits too. My daughter is currently learning how to touch type on the internet, which is a great skill.

8. Share with us your favourite Instagram accounts.
There are too many!! My favourite Instagram accounts are the ones that make me feel something, if you know what I mean. They’re inspiring, funny, authentic and very talented @cultofyouth @charliemackesy @chrissimpsonartist @emilymcdowell and @little_truth_studio.

9. Which museum do you think kids would spend hours in?
Both of my children still love the Natural History Museum.

10. Are you realizing mood images for your website? If, yes, do you think that these images could influence the shopping experience of the costumer?
We have a mixture of mood, lifestyle and product images on our website. I think all of these can influence the shopping experience for the consumer. I think that they don’t just want an empty retail experience – as I said before about Instagram, I think they want to feel something too.

11. Please complete this sentence: Kids should always…
Just be kids : )

POSTED BY enrico
February 3, 2020