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ModernMinor – London


Becoming a parent not only brings a fresh perspective to the world around us, it reignites parts of us we’d long forgotten.
ModernMinor was born out of a rediscovery of our playful sides and a renewed passion for family products which don’t compromise on design.
Australian-born Sam, graphic designer, and Hannah, which is a passionate about all things eco-friendly and locally sourced, wanted to create a space which would showcase exceptional quality, independently produced items for parent and child… a space to rekindle the thrill of childhood exploration and play for adults, while forming new, cherished memories for the young.
And this brand-new space went online just at the beginning of February.
We love ModernMinor because it features products that have been picked with an emphasis on long-lasting, timeless and beautiful design.
We’re advocates for less ‘stuff’, but better stuff. Products which will be handed down from generation to generation.
Forget the gender-biased. The garish. The flimsy. The chuck-it-in-a-box-and-hide-it-out-of-sight. Our products have been chosen to become a timeless highlight in your home. We hope with us, you too, will feel your teeth unclench, your shoulders drop, and your playful spirit reignite.” – say Hannah&Sam.
After giving birth to their exciting project, the couple now eagerly awaits the birth of their first child!
Good luck ModernMinor for this 2017 full of new adventures! 

1. How would you describe the concept of your store?
ModernMinor is an online kids lifestyle store offering design-inspired children’s goods that appeal to kids and adults alike.

2. How is the place you work in?
In theory: tranquil, modern, minimal, functional.
In reality: chaotic and somewhat messy but it always smells nice (hooray for scented candles!).

3. What was your favorite toy when you were a child?
So many… ‘Eagle eyes’ Action Man from 1981 was a particular favourite. He had a small lever on the back of his head which made his eyes move resulting in a permanent look of bewilderment.

4. Where did you live as a kid and which ones were your dreams?
I grew up on the island of Tasmania off the southern coast of Australia. It’s still the paradise today that it was back then.

5. What your children’s room looked like?
FULL of stuff. Every single surface had little trinkets, collectibles and souvenirs from trips abroad.
I could look at them all for hours. Some of the stranger things included a stuffed crocodile foot, Chinese medicine balls, a collection of guitar plectrums and a Newtons Cradle. There was also a constant cycle of pets – mice, fish and frogs mainly.

6. You are based in London. What’s the best place for kids there?
V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green… All my favourite toys from the 60s and 70s in one place.

7. Your favorite restaurant and hotel?
Hannah grew up in Portugal so we go to visit quite often.
There’s a tiny chicken shop in the southern Algarve that is completely no frills – strip lighting, plastic seating and the best Chicken Peri Peri you’ll ever taste.

8. How do you think online shops will evolve in the next future?
I think the advent of virtual reality will have a big impact. You will be able to go into ‘virtual shops’, try on clothes and handle products. My mind is blown just thinking about it.

9. Kids and internet…..what do you think about it?
The internet can be an immensely useful tool that kids can benefit from. However it is not ‘designed’ for children and they are often totally unaware of their digital footprint and the risks it can pose. Obviously keeping them safe is a priority and the best way to do this is by maintaining an open dialogue.

10. Could you share with us your favorite website and 3 Instagram accounts you like? and are both great blogs that value good design.
As for Instagram: Present & Correct – you can’t fault their impeccable stationery styling; Cabin Porn – dreams of a quiet life; ModernMinor – great shots, great products….oh wait…..that’s ours!

11. Please complete this sentence: Kids should always…
… be encouraged to explore their curiosity.

POSTED BY enrico
February 15, 2017