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LITTLECIRCLE is a contemporary yet luxurious online destination for dressing little chic ones.
Lisa, former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley Private Equity, and Anna, former Fashion Director of Tatler Magazine, met at university and in September 2015 they launched their e-shop.
The mission: to be the long term fashion solution for stylish parents to dress their growing children.
We support beautiful design and craftsmanship and offer a savvy, chic solution for the short life span of children’s clothes. We believe in sustainability. We are taste-makers, discovering and pulling together the most covetable childrenswear brands from all over the world, curated into one focused online collection. Every piece feels special and is expertly styled with a Fashion Editor’s eye.
We like LITTLECIRCLE because the concept is simple. You can buy the most chic clothing and your children will wear them and love them.
More important: when clothes become too small, send them back to Lisa&Anna and they sell them… then you can use your credit from the sale to refresh your child’s wardrobe…
and so the little circle goes on.

1. When did you open your store?
We launched just over a year ago in September 2015 and celebrated our 1st anniversary with a big VIP breakfast at the Berkeley Hotel. 

2. How would you describe the concept of LITTLECIRCLE?
We are the ultimate online style destination for dressing chic little ones. Curated, contemporary fashion to buy, love and resell. 

3. Which labels did you present from the beginning and which ones have you recently added?
From the start, we championed Morley, Louis Louise and Louise Misha to name a few, and have carefully added brands each season. Last season we added Tambere (an exquisite new contemporary brand from South Korea) and Milapinou (a French brand with a vintage quality and touch of romance). This season, we’re excited to bring on board Babe & Tess from Italy and Tuchinda from the US. 

4. How fashion-oriented are your children?
Anna: I have two daughters, one of whom is fashion mad and delights in dressing up. She’d dress in couture if she could. The other is a real tomboy and loves a good jumpsuit.
Lisa: I have a son and a daughter, both love fashion and are quite particular about what they wear, which I love. My son is quirky and loves to look sharp (think tuxedo and top hat). My daughter generally gravitates towards chic neutrals and loves anything with sparkle. Both love to indulge in dress-up and can often be found dressed as a spaceman and a princess…

5. Do you have a hint for parents when shopping for their kids?
Anna: Speed and efficiency are key. That’s why we offer a slick online platform and a finely tuned edit – we’ve done all the hard work for our customers so they don’t have to spend hours trawling through options.
Lisa: Unless you have a child that happens to love shopping, find a quiet moment on your ipad in the evening and just shop at a couple of websites whose taste you trust. Work with your kids preferences on colour – it’s key that they feel comfortable in whatever you buy. 

6. What was your favorite outfit when you were a child?
Anna: My mother used to make all of my clothes – they were beautiful looks based on a Victorian style – so lots of pinafore dresses, white layered cotton under dresses, and frilly Peter Pan collars.
Lisa: In contrast to Anna, probably nothing quite so demure! I remember a few items distinctly – the black and white polka dot rah-rah skirt and a pair of red roller skates which I loved. 

7. Are you realizing mood images for your website? If, yes, do you think that these images could influence the shopping experience of the costumer?
Yes, we shoot our own original editorial every season. It is very important to us – not only in establishing our own unique aesthetic via the website, social media and our lookbooks – but in helping elevate childrenswear into the high fashion arena. We are lucky to have a background in fashion and great contacts who have championed us. 

8. How do you think online shops will evolve in the next future?
The sky is the limit – but we do think that people are put off by huge platforms that are too vast to navigate, and more like supermarkets. A huge amount of online traffic is generated via mobile devices, which suggests that people are time-poor.
Following the trend on the high street, we think successful online shops will become more artisan and specialist, with a point of difference. Logistics will continue to become slicker, with express or same day delivery becoming the norm.

9. Kids and internet…..what do you think about it?
They are a match made in heaven. Who actually take their kids shopping?
Kids are unbelievably proficient with computers and mobile devices these days, so there is definitely still the opportunity for them to browse with their parents!  

10. Could you share with us your favorite website and Instagram accounts?
Websites: Nettement Chic and Reve en Vert, Instagram accounts: Lalaberlin and Hedvigso.

12. Please complete this sentence: Kids are amazing because they make me…
Anna: …Feel joyful and believe in miracles. Nothing is as important in the world….
Lisa: …See the world in a totally different way, reflect on what matters and be positive.   

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POSTED BY enrico
February 27, 2017