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Ginnibò – Milan


Ginnibò is a new and very special landmark for online shopping. It offers a selection of brands that is the result of a meticulous research among the most interesting and creative labels for children, worldwide. Browsing the website you’ll find real gems (clothing, accessories and a small selection of toys for children from 0 to 14 years) that Ginnibò picks for the most demanding mothers, who do not have time to hop from a shop to another but do not want to give up on dressing their children with quality and beautiful garments either. The packaging is also extremely refined… and the box smells good! SO that the unboxing moment itself becomes a pleasant and joyful experience.

Founders are Beatrice Camerana and Isabella Spadacini, two mothers with a career in fashion and communication, who wanted to create a destination for mini shopping with a creative twist. Both passionate about fashion and design, they have joined forces transforming Ginnibò into a reality that is enriched every day with new designers, brands and creative talents.

We had a chat with them.

1. How did you find the name of your store? Is there an anecdote to tell?
Beatrice: Ginnibò was my daughter’s nickname. When we used to live in New York, it was hard for people to correctly pronounce her full name, Ginevra Bogianchino, so we came up with Ginnibò. When brainstorming with Isabella to find the name for our store, we both liked it and so here we are! 

2. How would you describe the concept of your store?
Isabella: When we started developing the project, we immediately realized that offering a great selection of products was not enough, so we built Ginnibò around the idea of a highly efficient customer service. The same day delivery service we offer in Milan is highly appreciated, and the direct and attentive contact with our customers is a must for us. 

3. Which labels do you present?

Beatrice: We sell over 30 brands from all over the world. We try to find new labels every season to always offer our customers something fresh to discover. We put a lot of attention in finding eco-friendly brands, with local production and organic materials. 

4. You are based in Milan. What’s the best place for kids there? 
Isabella: Milano has been blowing in the past few years and keeps going. There are so many new places opening their doors every week. For us the best places are some great classics: MUBA where they always organize interesting laboratories. The Planetarium is located in the center of the town right in front of a gem: Villa Reale, a park dedicated to kids. In the same area, there is also one of the coolest places in town, the LùBar, a sophisticated food and drink destination open all day.

5. How fashion-oriented are your kids?
Beatrice: The girls are two drama queens: they would always pick sequins, neon pink and leggings. Every day the struggle is trying to find a compromise and make everybody happy. It’s much easier with the boys who always listen to mommy!!

6. Do you have a hint for parents when shopping for their kids?

Isabella: I think kids should always wear outfits that are appropriate for their age. 
Try to pick something extravagant if you like, but always match it with classics. And, last but not least, kids have to be happy!!!

7. What was your favorite toy when you were a child?

Beatrice: A pink soft doll called Chicca, when I first saw FABELAB (a brand we sell) it reminded me of her.

8. What are your plans for the future?

Isabella: One of our biggest goals is to grow confidence, becoming a reference point in the world of children’s wear, continuing to build stronger and stronger relationships with our customers.  

9. Kids and internet… what do you think about it?

Beatrice: Internet is both a big opportunity and a big issue. I think that the real problem is that parents don’t pay enough attention to the quality of the contents their kids find surfing the Web and also to the actual time they are connected every day.

10. Share with us your favorite Instagram accounts?

Isabella: Esther van de Paal, Eva Chen, Shannon Corliss  

11. Please complete this sentence: Kids should always…
Beatrice: Kids should always… Be KIDS!!! 

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POSTED BY enrico
November 6, 2019