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2010 Vol. 30
Spring/Summer 2010

kid’s wear Magazine Vol. 30  – € 50

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Glossar/SubTEENAGE 2010



Expectation, luck, speed, secret, new, pressure, LOL, standing out, online, money, communities, boys & girls, copy & paste, reality, media, love, drugs, games, future, music, respect, kiss, brand, time, uniform, family, discipline, friends, boredom. 30 words, 30 pictures. A glossary on children and youth in 2010.

Something to show we care.
And to celebrate our 30th edition.

We hope you enjoy it – and we wish you a wonderful summer! 

Jay answers the sheriff’s question of how he came up with the idea of taking his parents’ car by saying: “I didn’t want to miss the school breakfast.” And how it came to be that he knew how to drive: “Because I have played Grand Theft Auto and Monster Truck Jam so often.” 




Natalie Bothur, Rachael Cassells, Adrian Crispin, Nan Goldin, Ingvar Kenne, Ingar Krauss, Achim Lippoth, Mike Meiré, Andrea Perez Hita, Atlanta Rascher , Viviane Sassen, Raimon Solà, Ed Templeton, Diane Vincent, Martynka Wawrzyniak, Maria Ziegelböck

Petra Barkhof, Julia van Hove, Michael Kröger, Patrizia Mezzanzanica, Heiko Schulz


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