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2006 Vol. 22
Spring/Summer 2006

kid’s wear Magazine Vol. 22  – € 50

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John John Florence, 11, professional surfer from Hawaii
Photographs and text by Bruce Weber.

What’s new in the structures of modern life
Artist Liset Castillo creates architectures and landscapes out of sand.
For a very good reason, as she explains.

The Children of Light
Photographs by Achim Lippoth from the Greek island of Delos.

“The child is the builder of humankind, the father of humankind.”
Beat Streuli photographs children at a Montessori school in Switzerland and Michael Kröger interviews doctor and educationist Maria Montessori. Impossible, but true.

New inventions make children fly and fashion for summer 2006.
Photography by Thomas Straub

“You can’t make a mountain out of it,” even with several tons of the stuff.
Silke Hohmann on artist Thomas Rentmeister and his chosen medium: Nutella.

Portraits of Zec and York, styles for summer 2006.
Photography by Mike Meiré

2006 Vol. 22 Features

The Little Pipeliner 

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