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2005 Vol. 20
Spring/Summer 2005

kid’s wear Magazine Vol. 20  – € 50

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“There was once a boy called Pedro with big, big hair – “
A story by Bruce Weber.

Zec, photographed by Mike Meiré.

Tatjana Patitz, mother
An interview. Photography by Achim Lippoth.

At a hotel in Paris. What’s new from Disneyland
Photographed by Ute Behrend.
“So, Elke, why is Oilily called Oilily?”
A report by Heiko Schulz about a typically Dutch company.
With photography by Martin Parr.

“Jamila was flying. The curry was waiting.”
A true story by Vito Avantario.

“He collected recurrent thought patterns and models of argumentation which appeared useful to him in various situations, particularly in discussions. He called such models topoi.
Topoi are places, areas; areas of thought where it’s worth
taking a look around.”
A look at an alternative school.
By Michael Kröger and Heiko Schulz.

In the Woods
Photographed by Anneliese Strba.

We’re celebrating our birthday, which is
why we’ve created the supplement ‘1995-2005’.



Vito Avantario, Roberto Badin, Ute Behrend, Olaf Borchard, Manu Burghart, Timothy Davis, Thomas Edelmann, Geissler & Sann, Edgar Heinelt, Takashi Homma, Michael Kröger, Elke Naters & Sven Lager, Cody Lyon, Jason McGlade, Mike Meiré, Yoichi Nagano, Martin Parr, Atlanta Rascher, Julia Schonlau, Heiko Schulz, Anneliese Strba, Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek, Bruce Weber

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