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2020 VOL.50
Spring/Summer 20


I once read somewhere that time doesn’t change us –
we simply evolve. I think the same applies to our first
50 editions: in essence, we have always stayed true
to ourselves.
Our intention remains, and has always been, to
take our subject serious and to present it from as
many perspectives as possible. Our constant endeavour
is to capture something of the beauty, energy,
poetry as well as the highs and lows of childhood and
From an early stage, we were able to attract not
only renowned, established contributors but also upand-
coming young photographers, artists, illustrators
and authors from all over the world, each able to bring
their own very individual perspective without sugarcoating
the issues. More than this, kid’s wear is also
my own personal platform, enabling me to communicate
and express myself as a photographer, to make a
contribution, to experiment and tread new paths.
Together, we have now brought out 50 editions
and our idea of an alternative magazine about childhood
and adolescence in the context of fashion, life
and culture has steadily evolved throughout.
In our jubilee edition, we should therefore like to
show you not only what’s to come, but also what has
been in a best-of collection of photo series and essays.
I hope you enjoy this look back in time as much
as we’ve enjoyed putting it together!

Achim Lippoth


Achim Lippoth, Alice Neale, Anton Corbijn,
Anuschka Blommers & Niels Schumm, Ari Marcopoulos,
Beat Streuli, Bruce Weber, Daniel Riera,Ed Templeton, Eva Baales,
Greg Reynolds, Heji Shin, Hellen van Meene, Henrike Stahl, Hubertus Hamm,
Ingar Krauss, Jamie Morgan, Jelka von Langen,Jessica Craig-Martin, Jonas Unger,
Julie Morstad, Jun Takashi, Justine Kurland, Kira Bunse, Lise Sarfati,
Manuela Pavesi, Marcel Odenbach, Marina Faust, Mark Borthwick, Markus Jans,
Martin Fengel, Martin Parr, Michel Comte, Mike Meiré, Miles Aldridge, Nan Goldin,
Ola Rindal, Oliver Sieber, Oliviero Toscani, Pierpaolo Ferrari, Richard Kern,
Ryan McGinley, Shelby Lee Adams, Takashi Homma, Tierney Gearon,
Tolia und Uwe Tobias, Viviane Sassen, Zoe Ghertner

Contributing Editors
Michael Kröger, Heiko Schulz 

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2020 VOL.50 Features

Achim Lippoth – Spring/Summer Collections

Achim Lippoth – Current Ghana

Achim Lippoth – We can be anything

Between the lines Best of essays (rearranged)

The photography in kid’s wear. A retrospection.

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