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2019 Vol.48


“Surely they speak a language

whisperingly, Too fine for us to hear;

and sure their ways Prove they

have kings and laws, and that they

be Deformed remnants of the


From the essay “To THE VIOLET”

Get inspired. Discover Vol. 48, Spring/Summer 19

On the essay pages Michael Kröger & Heiko Schulz presenting


Photographers & Illustrators
Achim Lippoth, Mike Meiré, Jelka von Langen, Colin Pantall, Timo Wirsching

Contributing Editors
Julia van Hove, Katie Kendrick, Michael Kröger, Heiko Schulz 

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2019 Vol.48 Features

Achim Lippoth and Petra Barkhof – A view on Dolce & Gabbana

Timo Wirsching

Achim Lippoth – Design Special

Colin Pantall – Broken Camera

Heiko Schulz & Michael Kröger – Essay “Nature”

Jelka von Langen – Baby Uli

Achim Lippoth – House & Garden

Mike Meiré – I wish u were fun

Achim Lippoth – Stage Area

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