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2018 Vol.47

kid’s wear Magazine Vol. 47 –  € 25
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It is not fine to walk in spring,

When leaves are born, and hear birds sing?

And when the lose their singing powers,

In Summer, watch the bee at flowers?

It is not fine, when summer’s past,

To have the leaves, no longer fast,

Biting my heel where’er I go,

Or dancing lightly on my too???…

by William Henry Davies

Welcome to Volume 47, Fall/Winter 18-19

On the essay pages Michael Kröger & Heiki Schulz presenting
10 narrative interviews with young insiders from 4 to 23.


Photographers & Illustrators
Blommers&Schlumm, Rosi Di Stefano, Esther Gebauer, Takashi Homma, Achim Lippoth, Kevin Lyons, Mike Meiré, Elisabeth Mestdagh

Contributing Editors
Jennifer Irizarry, Michael Kröger, Heiko Schulz

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2018 Vol.47 Features

Achim Lippoth – Chromatic

Takashi Homma – Imperial Residence

Mike Meiré-A thing is determined by his nature

Achim Lippoth – Lying the Down Game

Blommers/Schumm – Apparent Solar Time

Achim Lippoth – Aureate

Kevin Lyons – Higher Beings

Rosi di Stefano – Chairpersons

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