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2017 Vol.44

kid’s wear Magazine Vol. 44  – € 25
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“And I am going to dance and sing
And match the swallow on the wing,
And put my arm about each tree,
And kiss it as the sun does me.”

From the poem
by Madison Julius Cawein

Welcome to Volume 44, Spring/Summer 2017
Enjoy yourself!

On the essay pages Michael Kröger & Heiko Schulz writing about Storytellers.


Photographers & Illustrators
Thea Barkhoff, Tytia Habing, Achim Lippoth, Mike Meiré, Ola Rindal, Henrike Stahl

Contributing Editors
Michael Kröger, Patrizia Mezzanzanica, Heiko Schulz

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Backissues are available

2017 Vol.44 Features

Achim Lippoth – Insular State 

Tytia Habing – Phenomena

Mike Meiré – Eau de Cologne

Achim Lippoth – Spook

Ola Rindal – Cloudless

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