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Katie Kendrick

BORN IN: Sunny Scotland
LIVING IN: Coldingham, a surfers cove in Scotland next to New Asgard’ (St Abbs), where they shot the new Avengers film.
YOU ARE WORKING AS: Kid’s Fashion Editor with a range of different hats.
PLEASE DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN A 1 or 2 SENTENCES: I have very curly hair and I’m particularly good at being tall. I talk and write a lot about the kid’s fashion industry. I find life is a lot easier with humour and I love good food and although I don’t like flying I do it quite a lot.

Editor of Pirouette blog and Online Editor at kid’s wear Magazine, Katie writes about all aspects of the children’s fashion and lifestyle industry.
From manufacturing and sustainability to the latest news from the children’s sector. 

Along with Florence Rolando, Katie started the Pirouette One To Watch Awards to highlight emerging talent in the kid’s fashion and lifestyle industry.  This season the awards take place at Pitti Bimbo, Playtime New York and Ciff Youth. Katie will once again be covering Pitti Bimbo this season with the popular Pirouette – Pitti Bimbo Video Diary and at Playtime Paris her new Screen Capture exhibition – a live art piece taking place over two days with fashion illustrator Chris Gambrell.

It’s going to be a busy summer show season of interviews, runway, awards and travelling for the curly haired kid’s fashion editor.  

1. Which is the most fascinating even simple item you ever bought for children?
We once bought an enormous cardboard castle for our eldest Lulu. It was used for putting on shows, drawn on and loved to death… so loved by herself and all her friends it lasted only 6 weeks before being condemned for demolition (recycling).

2. Which children’s brand you just love?
Oh too controversial couldn’t possibly answer this one…

3. Children shoes… In which brand one can conquer the world?
I’m a huge fan of the British label Young Soles, the designer worked for Camper beforehand. A mix of modern and classic, my go-to shoe for shoots, plus kids find them incredibly comfortable, and they look even better when worn in. I also love Chapter2 wonderfully creative handcrafted to make a statement. And if you are posing for the press after conquering the world you could do worse than rocking a pair of Pucci sneakers!

4. As a child… do you remember one special item you had been wearing almost day and night?
I wore Reebok high tops day in day out, white and black. Lovely Pol from The Animals Observatory sent my youngest daughter the very first pair of high-tops from their collaboration together to wear at the launch event in London. I got a little jealous of her cool vibe and bought myself a pair, though sadly not The Animals Observatory ones as my feet are too big! But I wear them every day, comfortable and nostalgic!

5. Which is your favourite restaurant?
I’m actually not sure if I want to share this just before Playtime Paris, but I’ll be nice… Last trip to Paris I went to Import Export Cam, it’s absolutely horrible… No really it’s delicious and a wonderful experience. Thanks Anja!

6. Can you think of one dish you really loved as a kid? Was there something you really hated?
If you ask any of my childhood friends they would all know… Lagoustine, Lobster & Crab. I eat it like Daryl Hanna in Splash… I never hated any food really but I do remember going off roast chicken for a while, but only because my father used to cook it so much. He’s a wonderful cook though, all the men in my family are!

7. What kind of special trick your Mum used to make you eat vegetables or other healthy things?
It was probably my Dad’s salad dressings. We are such a foodie family, my friends growing up used to love the salads at our house. Not typical for Scotland 😉

8. What was the most touching experience you had with children?
My eldest Lulu has always been just a truly lovely person and incredibly kind. One of her best friends has downs syndrome and how she communicates with Nikki and their friendship makes both my husband and I so proud. I was there at school recently when Nikki hurt himself, he was upset and the other kids all shouted ‘get Lulu!’ she arrived and everything was ok…writing this is making me slightly teary. Empathy and understanding, but also being strong enough to stand up for people is her gift. PROUD…

9. What is the most annoying thing about Mums?
Having to be responsible even when you don’t feel like it 😉

10. The craziest thing you ever did to stop bored kids from whining?
Just recently, one of our girls put on “Loco in Acapulco’ by the Four Tops and we all danced around the kitchen island playing follow the leader and copying their actions. then someone (normally our youngest) calls out who the leader is and it continues. It’s silly, exhausting and incredibly mood lifting. But If anyone saw us… 😉

11. Kids are amazing, because they make me
… happy! I feel very comfortable around kids, I would much rather spend the day with my daughters and nieces surfing than getting my nails done with friends. (Actually, I’ve never done that!)

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June 19, 2019