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Federica Fusco

NAME: Federica Fusco
BORN IN: Turin
YOU ARE WORKING AS: Chief of Marketing Office
PLEASE DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 1 OR 2 SENTENCES: I think I’m a serious, reliable but sometimes disorderly person.

Federica Fusco is CEO of FGF Industry, a competitive group of brands, including Blauer U.S.A, efficiently distributed all over the world.
The Industry is a family-run business: Federica, who is taking care of marketing and communication, is the daughter of founder Enzo Fusco. Her husband Giuseppe D’Amore is overseeing all the firm’s logistics and IT development.

We had a chat with her. 

1. Which is the most fascinating even simple item you ever bought for children?
A Gucci baseball cap which is very simple but fun because it has a colourful all-over star print superimposed over the logo to create an original look.

2. Is there one children’s shop which has put a magic spell on you?
I was fascinated by a store in Chicago that sold candies, marshmallows and lollipops of all kinds, and when you went into the store, you felt like Alice in Wonderland.

3. As a child… do you remember one special item you had been wearing almost day and night?
A shirt with the “la Pulce” trademark on it, a line of children’s clothing my parents used to make.

4. Your favourite children’s book?
Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes: a book with a lot of meaning, which demonstrates to children the importance of looking at things through your own eyes and not those of other people.

5. Which museum even kids would spend hours in?
The Egyptian Museum in Turin – I’ve been fascinated by the Egyptians ever since I was little, because my mother took me to Egypt when I was around 8 years old and I was really struck by the pyramids.

6. Which is your favourite restaurant?
I like eating at the Indian restaurant, because Indian cooking includes lots of vegetarian dishes which taste different from those we normally eat in Italy, and above all because they use a lot of spices we don’t normally use; their bread is very good, too.

7. Can you think of one dish you really loved as a kid? Was there something you really hated?
I used to really like mashed potatoes, gnocchi alla romana or gnocchi with butter and sage, orecchiette and taralli made by my grandmother Teresa, my father’s mother. What I didn’t like is boiled carrots.

8. What was the most touching experience you had with children?
The birth of my daughter Letizia was something I will never forget.

9. When you are inviting friends over for dinner, do you prepare something special for their children. If so, what?
Pasta with tomato sauce, or a Milanese cutlet with pan-fried potatoes. 

10. The best place you had recently been with kids?
Leolandia, an amusement park where Letizia had a great time and met some of the “heroes” she watches on TV.

11. The ONE family ritual you cherish most?
When all three of us get into the big bed and have fun and laugh together before we go to sleep!

12. One should teach children to…
Being happy all the time by loving what life has given us!

POSTED BY enrico
December 18, 2019