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Bradley Seymour

NAME: Bradley Seymour 
BORN IN: Sydney, Australia
LIVING IN: Milan, Italy
YOU ARE WORKING AS: Art / Creative Director and Creative Project Manager of Esquire Magazine, Italy.
PLEASE DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN A 1 or 2 SENTENCESI grew up in Sydney close to nature and enjoying loads of freedom. I was good at art and I looked for a deeper connection to the things around me. Curiosity lead me to Europe in search of adventure… and I have enjoyed working as an Art Director, learning about life and culture along the way. Today I live in Milan with my partner, Fabrizio with no kids of our own but we value the importance of family and are very present in the lives of my two nieces, Evie (13) and Ruby (10).

Sydney-born and widely travelled, Bradley Seymour has applied his skills as an international creative director across many markets from Australia to Europe. For the past decades Seymour has called Milan home and held the position of creative director for the Italian fashion and lifestyle title, Marie Claire – delivering a vibrant, authoritative point of difference to this internationally renowned iconic brand. These days, Bradley Seymour manages a talented design department for Hearst Magazines Italy which he has developed into a hub of ever-evolving creative ideas. “I equate my experience of working in Europe to the luxury concept of ‘Made in Italy’ because of the skill and attention to detail my colleagues and I bring so readily to a project.” Redefining the New Print Media, Bradley’s latest project as creative director is Italian Esquire Magazine launched few days ago. With interests and influence reaching far beyond fashion publishing, Seymour’s Italian vantage point allows him to indulge in his passion for design, food, travel and lifestyle. His editorial experience in fashion and penchant for interior design focuses his international point of view on the intersection between fashion and design and for the last three years, Bradley has worked with luxury swiss timepiece manufacturer, Vacheron Constantin as art director of their limited edition annual book, Collector’s Island.

1. Which is the most fascinating even simple item you ever bought for children?
I bought two diamonds – one for each of my nieces and asked a jeweller friend to make a neckless for each in rose gold. My sister wears them until the girls are old enough to appreciate them.

2. Is there one children’s shop which has put a magic spell on you?
I am a die-hard Bonpoint fan and my nieces have grown up with the French label’s understated Paris chic.

3. As a child… do you remember one special item you had been wearing almost day and night?
I lived in Billabong board-shorts all summer long.

4. For someone having no children it is sometimes hard to pick the right gift for a kid. What does always work?
I buy books for young kids because I like the idea of parents and grandparents reading to them. It creates a bond, unlocks their imagination and they learn to read.

5. Your favourite children’s book? 
Nella Nebbia di Milano by Bruno Munari.

6. Which museum even kids would spend hours in?
In the basement of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London I once found a group of kids making kites with an expert from Kabul.

7. Which is your favourite restaurant?
I had dinner at Pastamadre last night – the food is delicious.

8. What was the most touching experience you had with children?
Fabrizio and I have friends with three kids under two. We find the distraction from our daily lives and interaction with the family to be joyfully relaxing and we love spending time with them.

9. You have the task to entertain your best friends’ kids for one entire day. How do you survive?
I head for a kid friendly beach like Bronte in Sydney. A sun hat, loads of sun screen and shady trees means you can play safely at the beach all day. Head up the hill to my favourite cafe, Three Blue Ducks for spectacular surf-side snacks

10. Share with us your favorite Instagram accounts.
 @estudiocampana@lallo25@mrkimjones@adrianjoffe@dirkvanderkooij@lottavolkova,  @gamfratesi@toporkoff

11. Please complete this sentence: One should teach children to…
… be respectful of yourself and to others. My nieces remind me of the importance of mindfulness all the time.

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POSTED BY enrico
October 24, 2018