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Annelinde Tempelman

NAME: Annelinde Tempelman
BORN IN: The Netherlands
LIVING IN: Naarden-Vesting, The Netherlands
YOU ARE WORKING AS: art director & co-founder of Studio 100%
PLEASE DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 1 or 2 SENTENCES: I absolutely love… drawing, fashion, craftsmanship, blockprints, India, Paris, Dries van Noten, Jan Tamineau, embroideries, taxidermy, Wes Anderson, Nick Cave, dreaming, creating, Delpozo, art, my family, champagne, jewelry, making animations.

Annelinde Tempelman lives in a beautiful poetic fortified town near Amsterdam called Naarden-Vesting. It is definitely worth going to if you are visiting the Netherlands! Fond of drawing she attended School of Arts and during her fashion design studies, she had two fantastic internships: one in Antwerp with fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester and the other one in London with the one and only hat designer, Stephen Jones! But when realizing that the fashion world itself was not appealing enough to her, Annelinde began working as a graphic designer. And that is how, seventeen years ago, with her colleague Frederike she founded Sudio 100%.  The team is comprised of 10 great art directors/designers with focus mainly on magazines, books and stationary and animation. Together they develop new concepts, make moodboards and create new visual ‘worlds’. 

In the spare time, Annelinde still draws… also, her first children’s book, ‘Princess Leentje’, is going to be printed and launched on the 22nd of June!

But what we love about Annelinde are her amazing animations she shares on Instagram, in which she let her imagination run free.
That’s what she said to us: “The mini-stories I create make the setting for my characters: parisiennes, blackbirds, cats and dogs. My virtual world combines a mixture of techniques, illustration, collage and animation. Ever since Instagram offered the opportunity to add moving images, I  had the chance to live a long-cherished dream! So, in my free time I taught myself how to make animations with the help of online tutorials and began drawing my mademoiselles (old school, with pen on paper) and converting them into digital images afterwards. My inspiration comes from nowhere and everywhere – it’s a fun, crowded, whimsical world in my head! Filmscenes (Wes Anderson, breakfast at Tiffany’s, La Dolce Vita), fashion shows, magazines, art, nature, you name it!

Let yourself be transported to this wonderful other world of magic, even if for just 15 seconds!

1. Which is the most fascinating even simple item you ever bought for children?
Lego, my all time favorite! My sister and I would play it endlessly!

2. As a child… do you remember one special item you had been wearing almost day and night? 
A terribly boring brown courduroy and the Holly Hobby dress 😉 that my mother made for me after months of nagging.

3. For someone having no children it is sometimes hard to pick the right gift for a kid. What does always work?

A paper DIY castle, a book, Lego, a game, or a nightlamp.

4. Which museum even kids would spend hours in?

It should be possible in all museums, as long as there is a program for children. If there isn’t one, just make up different assignments. For example, let them choose per room which item they preferred and the one they liked the least and then explain why. Or describe an art piece and let them find it.
My favorites: Teylers Museum in a beautiful building in Haarlem, of course the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam and the Deyrolle in Paris.

5. Which is your favourite restaurant in Amsterdam?

Oh! That’s a difficult one, I have so many favorites! Amsterdam-North is an upcoming neighbourhood where you can find many great restaurants, as is the Goudfazant. Another good one is De School and my favorite at this moment, a bit out of the city center is the Lobby.

6. Can you think of one dish you really loved as a kid? Was there something you really hated?

Pancakes and Wentelteefjes (French toast), while Brussels sprouts I have always disliked!

7. What kind of special trick your mum used to make you eat vegetables or other healthy things?

I can’t recall it at all – it wasn’t really an issue. According to my mother, we always had to try at least one bite of what we didn’t like.

8. If you would win a trip… and the only thing you have to do is taking a child with you… where would you go?
Somewhere with sun and sea, and then take a Ukelele workshop. So much fun and easy to learn… also for kids.

9. You have the task to entertain your best friends kids for one entire day. How do you survive?

Not 😉 I would go to the Amsterdam City Zoo, Artis, and on a sunny day to the beach restaurant Tijn Alersloot, or stay at home and do some crafting, kids always like to craft with me.

11. Share with us your favorite Instagram profiles. 

suzymenkes, therow, virgin_honey, studio100procent, prinsesleentje, nathalie_lete

12. Please complete this sentence: kids are amazing because they make me…

… smile & live in the now!


POSTED BY enrico
May 25, 2018