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Stop Making Sense

Photographer: Achim Lippoth 
Layout: Studio Von Monkiewitsch 
Production Manager: Max Kopp @Productionunit
1st Assistant: Yannik Mandelbaum @Productionunit
Locationscouting: Noelle Kalo
Location Circus Probst

Jacket and skirt Merciu

Page 3-4
from top:
sweatshirt Moschino Baby Kid Teen, leggins and boots vintage
beanie Marni, sweater vintage 

Page 5-6
sweatshirt Il Gufo, T-shirt, pants and sneakers vintage

Picture 7-8
cardigan The Campamento, pants and boots vintage

Picture 9-10
jacket and sweater vintage

Page 11-12
from left:
jacket N°21 Kids, cardigan Minimalisma
sweater Soft Gallery, shorts, leggins and boots vintage
cardigan N°21 Kids, sweater Munsterkids, leggins vintage

Page 13-14
from left:
sweater Soft Gallery, shorts and leggins vintage
jacket N°21 Kids, cardigan Minimalisma

Page 15-16
jacket N°21 Kids, cardigan Minimalisma

Page 19-20
pants Dsquared2, beanie Marni, sweater vintage

Page 21-21
sweater Tommy Hilfiger

Page 23-24
jacket and skirt Merciu, socks Collégien, boots Pèpè Children Shoes 

Page 25-26
jacket and pants Merciu, socks Collégien, sandals Pèpè Children Shoes 

Page 27-28
pants Diesel, sweater and boots vintage

Page 29-30
jacket Merciu

Page 31-32
sweater Merciu, sweater worn underneath Repose Ams 

Page 33-34
from left:
dungaree Carbon Soldier, jacket, T-shirt and boots vintage
shirt N°21 Kids, T-shirt, pants, beanie and boots vintage

Page 35-36
T-shirt and skirt Marni

Page 37-38
from left:
shirt N°21 Kids, beanie vintage
pants Diesel, sweater vintage 
all vintage

Page 39-40
sweater and pants Merciu, beanie vintage

Page 41-42
sweater and pants Merciu, beanie vintage

Page 43-44
sweatshirt Diesel 

Page 45-46
on the left:
sweater and leggins Minimalisma, turtleneck The Campamento
girls on the back:
dress Molo, sweater and leggins vintage

Page 47-48
on the left:
sweater Minimalisma, turtleneck The Campamento
boy on the centre:
jacket Molo 

Page 49-50
from the left:
T-shirt Minimalisma, vest, leggins and socks vintage
sweater Marni, leggins and socks vintage

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