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Listen: New York II

Photography Charlie Gross soundsofsaving
Creative Direction and Styling: Mindi Smith
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During our first Listen: New York series we asked kids what was on their minds in order to listen to them. This time we wanted to know what they were listening to. Music has a nearly universal ability to be there for us at times throughout our lives, in all sorts of moods, to inspire us, and to even define certain moments. So we asked them about some songs that – even at their young age – have ‘found them at the right time’ and why.

Isabel, 12 Yrs Old
Albany, New York

Sweater Les Coyotes de Paris, pants Les Coyotes de Paris

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Marlow, 9 Yrs Old
Cypress Hills, Brooklyn

Space Oddity by David Bowie was playing while I was making my second attempt to “catch” during my first ever performance on the trapeze… and with the whole crowd chanting, “Marlow” -I flew out-tears streaming down my face, and “caught” while Bowie sang “This is ground control to Major Tom… you’ve really made the grade and the papers want to know what shirt you wear…” – which seems sort of silly. I love Bowie! I got to see the exhibit at BK Museum with my mom.

Coat Kids on the Moon, jacket Tambere, top Tambere

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Leonie, 8 Yrs Old
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Songs that I love are Let It Be by The Beatles and Tout Oublier by Angèle.
They made me feel good when I heard them. They make me feel joyful and concentrated. They affect the way I feel and make me feel excited and happy.

Coat Little Creative Factory, dress Hello Simone, hat Tia Cibani Kids

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Ona, 9 Yrs Old
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

De Ellos Aprendí: this songs brings me to my childhood… it brings me memories because I am growing up and at the same time a lot of happiness…

Another Day of Sun: this song brings me to Barcelona… to my ‘home sweet home’… to my couch where so many times I have danced a choreography on it, I imagine the couch was the car of that amazing scene of the film ‘La La Land’. The feeling would be: uncontrolled joy (excited!!)
All I want for Christmas is you: this songs brings me to remember the Christmas with my family… dancing with mum… a choreography each year…. Happiness in its pure expression…

Bomber jacket Beau Loves, top Go Gently Nation, leggins Beau Loves 

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Xavi, 8 Yrs Old
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Happier by Marshmello is my favorite song because it’s just a really good song and I like the words and the beat. I also like the music video because it’s a sad story about a girl and her dog dying. I like the video because it is sad and emotional and has a happy ending.

Another singer I like is Macklemore because I like rap and I like his rapping because I like his voice. His voice is actually really nice. He raps about his life, like about growing up and about how he wants to be a good dad.

Music makes me feel happy and when I’m already happy it makes me even happier! I like to sing to music and I like to listen to the stories of the songs because every song is a different story. I like the feelings of songs.

Raincoat Little Creative Factory, sweater Little Creative Factory

Page 5
Skyler Vaughn, 10 Yrs Old
Chelsea, New York

I really like soundtracks from musicals. Right now, I’m loving the songs from Wicked, especially Popular and Defying Gravity. These songs bring me joy and I love singing along. I hope to be on Broadway one day!

Layering Smock Tia Cibani Kids, sweater Tia Cibani Kids, jacket Munsterkids, pants Munsterkids

Page 6
Milan,13 Yrs Old
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The songs that hit me the most were La Rua Madureira by Nino Ferrer and Balance ton quoi by Angèle which I listened to when I was in France last summer. They brought me a lot of memories and those songs were around it.

Jacket The New Society, shirt The New Society, pants The New Society

Page 7
Isabel, 12 Yrs Old
Albany, New York

My favorite songs are George Michael’s Freedom, Prince’s Let’s go Crazy, and Tchaikovsky’s Pas De Deux from The Nutcracker or anything classical.

Classical music helps me to focus on my homework because that’s something I struggle with sometimes and it also helps me to relax before bed. I took ballet and danced in the nutcracker and the music is so full of magic it just makes you feel happy. I love George Michael because he had an amazing voice and of course the song “Freedom” is one of my photo shoot go to songs. Prince was just an icon, he wore his own style, composed his own music and created things no one else was even thinking of before him.

Music helps me study, helps me sleep, and helps me get inspired. It makes me feel pumped up for soccer games, it makes me want to dance and it helps me focus.

Coat Tia Cibani Kids, sweater Les Coyotes de Paris, pants Les Coyotes de Paris

Page 8
Isla, 4 Yrs Old
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys, Let it Go from Frozen, Cut to the Feeling by Carly Rae Jepsen.

Because the people sing loud, and I like that because it makes me feel good and dance and sing. Music helps show me how to do movements and how to feel different dance moves, and I like to do dance movements. Music makes me feel good—my heart feels strong and it makes me feel a Star.

Would you like to share more about this? Oh, yes… I love you!

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Page 9
Roc, 5 Yrs Old
Williamsburg, New York

Baby Shark reminds me of the school in Barcelona… dancing with his friends in the class… Macarena reminds me of afternoons in our apartment in NYC… I just cannot wait to be king makes me happy in its pure expression….

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