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Yume, made for dreaming

Yume, which means “dream” in Japanese, has its origin in a story about a mythical rabbit, a mystery yarn and magic pyjamas that hold the secret to deep and restful sleep.

For many children, darkness can be a scary place, while others cannot shake off the excitement of the day at night.

The idea of Yume is to soothe away these worries with a comforting sense of serenity and softness. Inspired by Asian evening rituals, every product is about coming home and slipping into something cozy and elegant to accompany the transition from the hum of the day to the quiet of the night.

The collection, which includes pyjamas, robes, blankets and charming accessories, is made from soft, high-quality, double-layered cottons that only get better through wear and care.

Sewn with attention to detail and excellent Thai workmanship, each piece is handcrafted with luxurious finishing touches, such as custom-made, cotton-covered buttons and beautiful hand embroidery.

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POSTED BY enrico
July 26, 2019