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‘Young Portraits’ photo exhibition by Olivia Rohde
at CIFF Kids

This CIFF KIDS edition will house a photo exhibition by Olivia Rohde – a young, talented photographer, holding an impressive portfolio of portraits and fashion photography.
The exhibition is called “Young Portraits” and is focusing on honoring the young tweens and teenagers on their way to adulthood. It’s about taking the young ones seriously and portraying them by combining the eagerness of becoming older with the need for being childish.
“The young mind and their way of identifying themselves has been a subject of interest to me since my graduation. As part of my BA in Visual Communication at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, I studied the behavior of young boys and girls, between the age of 10 to 15, with a focus on the way they looked at themselves and how they wanted to be perceived.
Here I discovered a need for recognition from their surroundings; they value to be taken seriously and not to be looked down at. Recognition is a vital part of developing a young person’s self esteem. Stu¬dies show that boys and girls at this age are still kids inside, but have a desire to describe themselves as young adults.
It is both difficult and important to balance these two aspects of your identity at this age and I, as a visual communicator, consider it a great responsibility to acknowledge this balance in my interpretations of the young and I feel like there has been a lack authentic portrayals of this generation in the general media.
Diversity and personality are the two keywords throughout this project.
The goal has been to portray the different moods, emotions and characteristics each time a young person presented themselves in front of the camera.
For this project I have photographed different characters from young tweens to young teenagers and every person has been their own.
Shy or confident, everyone of them understood and embraced my mission; to highlight a group of young people who, from my perspective, are a no bullshit generation that prefers to be spoken to as an equal and would prefer to look like themselves in a picture.
I would like to thank them all for their willingness to show who they are and their professionalism.
Because of this my photographs have become more true and authentic.” Olivia Rohde.

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POSTED BY cts-klee
February 4, 2016