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What is Contemporary Art? A guide for kids

Is a giant hamburger a work of art?
Who created sculptures from lightbulbs?
What is Contemporary Art? introduces children aged 8 and up to the dynamic art world of the pasty 50 years.
Featuring artworks from one of the world’s leading collection of modern and contemporary art, The Moma in New York, its engaging texts will capture the young readers with background information, fascinating stories, short biographies and intriguing questions.
Not only painting, but the whole range of contemporary practice is explored: sculpture, photography, film and installation.
This enchanting book for children and parents works also as the perfect support for teachers and schools, as it invites the youngest to understand and enjoy the art of our times. 

Jacky and Suzy Klein, What is Contemporary Art?, Copyright Thames & Hudson, 2012

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Text by Enrico Fragale Esposito

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February 2, 2016