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What if western fairytales were born in Far East?

Nayoung Wooh, better known as Obsidian, is an illustrator from Seoul.
She began her career in 2010 with “Women in Hanbok” series, a colorful array of digital drawings representing women in a classical Korean garment, the Hanbok indeed..
Her comic-style of drawing gained attention very quickly.
Her latest work is Fairytales, in which she reinterprets the princesses of western fables depicting them in the style of traditional eastern animation art.
So the Little Mermaid wears a red hanbok while she meets Ursula underwater and Alice falls in Wonderland together with porcelain teapots and cherry flowers. 

A new way to look at the traditional fairytales so that they can amaze us once more.

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Text by Enrico Fragale Esposito

October 7, 2015