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Welcome to The Zoo’s Grand Opening!

What do children love? Animals, letters and playing numbers, and all of them are the protagonists of this book published by Gestalten.
Through its pages, even the youngest children can playfully learn the names of animals, ABCs and how to count.
The author, Judith Drews, tells the exciting story of a zoo preparing for its opening day. The head zookeeper, who guides young readers, is waiting anxiously for the animals to get there. Will they all be ready by the time the first visitors arrive?
Illustrated with loving attention to detail, The Zoo’s Grand Opening is ideal for pre-school children. The book opens on an empty zoo and then follows the arrival of the animals, starting with an anaconda (representing the letter “A” and the number one), followed by a bear (“B” and two) and so on all the way to the “Z” of zebra.
While they enjoy the story, children will be introduced to the letters of the alphabet, to a variety of creatures and numbers.
At its end they will also know how many animals can be seen at the grand opening.

Illustrated by Judith Drews, The Zoo’s Grand Opening, Copyright Gestalten, 2014.

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Text by Enrico Fragale Esposito

POSTED BY cts-klee
September 10, 2015