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We Cosmos by Bobo Choses

In 1927 Benny Benson, a 13-year-old boy from Chignik entered a contest to design the flag for the Territory of Alaska. For inspiration he looked upwards to the sky selecting the wonderful constellation he looked for each evening before going to sleep at the orphanage. As one amongst seven hundred submissions Benny’s design was selected to represent the future of the Alaska Territory to present day. 

Bobo Choses takes inspiration for the WE COSMOS FW19 collection from Benny’s story, looking up to the sky to discover there’s a flag that links to all of us, the Universe. Bobo Choses dedicates the collection to ’all those kids who know we are all made of stars’.

The collection from the much beloved Spanish independent comprises of over 300 references, including baby, kid, accessories, home, women and mens collection products. 

The Alaskan landscapes, groovy planets, Mercury’s volcanoes and friendly constellations prints adorn their signature loose shaped garments. With vintage patches and planetary embroideries adding some cosmos detail. 

Bobo Choses with this collection remains true to their ethos of local production with 80% locally manufactured in Spain. And of course there is an illustrated children’s book inviting you to explore the cosmos with Benny Benson.

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Text by Katie Kendrick 

POSTED BY enrico
July 18, 2019