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Vittra’s Futuristic School without any Walls!

Vittra a Swedish free school organization put’s a high priority on developing new teaching methods…
“Telefonplan” their exciting new school in Stockholm is therefore quite special. Instead of the normal boring classroom setup with desks and chairs, there is a giant iceberg with a cinema, a platform and room for relaxation and recreation…
There is also no conventional classroom teaching. Here the students are taught in groups adjusted to their achievement level…
Copenhagen based Rosan Bosch Studio – an interdisciplinary agency working in the cross-field of art, design and architecture – created the custom made interior as a challenging learning environment.
Flexible laboratories make it possible to work hands-on with different topics and projects.
All is accustomed to Vittra’s active work with digital media and a generally digitalised didactic. The student’s laptops are their most important tool – whether they are sitting, lying or walking around while working. Yes… Seems in the North learning is more inspiring and creative… so children can develop their full potential in a rather playful way…
Rosan Bosch, a Dutch-born artist and founder of Rosan Bosch Studio is convinced: designing for a better world starts at school!
Because Design is a tool for change!

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
March 11, 2015