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“Unplug & Play”
name it SS17 campaign

Growing up in a digital world, kids today feel at ease around screens and monitors, and use them extensively every day.
But little ones need more than digital skills to fully experience the world.
That’s why name it, the Danish brand which creativity is rooted in the loving and free spirit of children, is dedicating its Spring 17 campaign to encourage physical play, hands-on creativity, focused investigation and fun exploring.
Through this campaign, the label makes a very clear point about growing up in an increasingly digital world:
At name it, play is at our core. We have always based our designs on kids’ lives as they are – playing, exploring, moving and getting dirty. We truly believe that today’s kids should develop their tactile senses like touch, smell and taste more, by scraping their knees, getting covered in paint, or exploring the world of insects. By bringing back games, crafts and other elements from times gone by, we can help children to develop into well-rounded human beings.” – says Trine Ørskov, Marketing Communications Manager.
Alongside the campaign name it offers its customers 36 free activity ideas on Facebook, updated every week with four new themed ideas for games away from anything that needs plugging in.
Select activities will also be followed by a DYI guide on YouTube.
Easy to download and print, the activity cards cover these 9 themes: Cardboard and Paper Play, Mom’s Childhood Games, Paint Play, Make Your Own Costumes, Dad’s Childhood Games, Creative Play, Kitchen Play, Nature’s Playground and Nature Art.
During the campaign period, that will last until 31 March 2017, they can be found via:


POSTED BY patricia
March 14, 2017