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unduetrestella, the 10th anniversary

This season marks the 10th anniversary of unduetrestella Design Week. Thanks to the support of the Municipality of Milan, this year’s show will enjoy a prestigious new location in 600 square meters at the Fabbrica del Vapore, a former industrial space turned prominent exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art and culture.

Announced in preview form at Pitti Imagine Bimbo 86 last January, the theme for 2018 is Now, Now, and Now!—a nod to the importance of the being in the moment and the transmission of knowledge and responsibilities from the adult world to children just learning how to navigate contemporary society. Filled with natural light, and divided according to three themes—new friends, old friends, and vintage—each brand will be set up as if for recital on a stage with three ‘mini stages’ featuring design products and complemented by the unduetrestella blog which asks each design brand somewhat cheekily “How Old Are You?”

It will be a design event to be remembered—we hope to see you there!

Unduetrestella Design Week
April 17-22, 2018

Fabbrica del Vapore
via Giulio Cesare Procaccini 4

Have a look at:

Text by Jennifer Irizarry

Picture 1: Nidi
Picture 2: Tresxics
Picture 3: Bluc
Picture 4: Lapin & Me
Picture 5: About Stek
Picture 6: Casie Living
Picture 7: Chou du Volant
Picture 8: Makè Makè
Picture 9: Nonah
Picture 10: Play in Choc
Picture 11: Studio delle Alpi

April 16, 2018