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I want my girls to be strong, make decisions for themselves and feel confident enough to see those decisions through…” empowering girls to grow up equal to boys!
This is what Nicola claims. She is an illustrator and gave a strong identity with cool graphics to the new young lifestyle brand TRESSY.
She runs the label from UK, while her partner Lindsay, fashion graduate, is based in Cape Town controlling manufacturing and checking every garment that comes out of the factory.
In fact the TRESSY clothing line is made by the best in the industry and is meant to be worn by girls from 2 to 8 years old. 
Some great shops, like Design Life Kids and Ladida in US and Little Belle and Beau in Australia  already fell in love with this amazing brand.
If you agree with the message join the Club!

Have a look at:
@tressyclub on IG

POSTED BY enrico
April 1, 2017