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Tobias & THE BEAR X Mr. Men Little Miss

Tobias & THE BEAR teamed up with iconic Mr. Men Little Miss to bring you a retro-influenced collection of cool prints that kids will love as much as their nostalgic parents. 
Drawing inspiration directly from the Mr. Men’s vintage artworks, the Tobias & THE BEAR interpretation is bursting with its characters: from the pure joy of Mr Happy to the sweet innocence of Mr Daydream and the lounging cool of Mr Lazy
Being British Tobias & THE BEAR is the perfect match to our brand, we love how the collection strikes the perfect balance between old school and modern” says Hannah Rowlands from Mr. Men. 
“We’re thrilled that our kids can immerse themselves in this land of brilliant personalities just as we did when we were their ages” added Leanne and Ruth, founders of Tobias & THE BEAR.
The collection launches online  and on selected retailers on November 1st.

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POSTED BY cts-klee
October 31, 2016