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Tobias & The Bear:
The Stylish World for Little Ones

These are clothes designed to be as loved by kids as it is desired by their design conscious parents… fun, cheeky, unique and cool, each new design, or crew member as Tobias & the Bear designers like to think of them, is a styling best friend in the making for 0 to 5 year olds… creative heads behind Tobias & the Bear are Leanne and Ruth… they worked as creative and editorial heads of a online fashion store… were colleagues first, friends soon after and then some time after that, mums to their little dudes: Tobias and Arlo (the Bear in a tale)… it was post maternity leave… water cooler conversations (yes, they really do happen) that triggered the idea for Tobias & the Bear… their hunt for unique boys fashion had failed time and again and their babies were at risk of having to wear styles they felt were more suited form than wild boys… that is how all started…

Leanne & Ruth also learnt that actually, there are an awful lot of mums who don’t want to dress their girls in bows and frills neither… and so the collection has a real unisex handwriting. It’s not so much about seasons… as both believe in building a large collection of incredible styles and prints… Leggings are their love… cool bedding and interiors are another passion… as well as tees and sweatshirts…

Here a few news: The world of dragons with the Friendly Fire Breathers… designed in collaboration with the illustrator Emma Bone, these fantastical creatures are a rag-tag bunch of loveable energy… and there is ore… the dragons are joined by Stag & Son… a modern geometric design… the newest woodland theme print and rubs shoulders with their super popular Just Call Me Fox and Boris the Badger…

Tobias & the Bear also worked with illustrator Rose Lihou on a Japanese inspired series which adds the super cool Team Sushi leggings and two tees – Happy as a Clam and Cool as a Cucumber…


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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle


POSTED BY cts-klee
June 13, 2016