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Titlee, haute fantaisie française

Launched in 2009 by Séverine Balanqueux, Titlee offers beautiful, delicate and imaginative costume jewelry.
Titlee, which also means butterfly in Indian, finds its creative DNA and energy in New York, but every piece of jewelry is entirely handmade in Paris, coming to life in the hands of expert welders, enamelers, and gilders. They mix unique gold chains with cut, engraved or enameled pieces, creating charming colorful associations. 
Constantly brainstorming, Severine’s team grows each season focusing on high demands and innovative techniques 
‘We start with a drawing, a sketch or a photo to create a 3D design. Over time we learnt to master the technical constraints of thickness and alignement. Our creations get more and more precise. Each piece of this specific range enables storytelling, which you can then share as you wish.’’ 
And Titlee’s kids collection is a range in its right own. Every single piece is thoroughly thought of.
Born in 2012, the children’s line aims to create an entire universe, rather than shaping a simple product. A whole collec-tion of characters in which every kid can project itself, dream and tell fun stories.’ Recommended from age 5. 

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POSTED BY enrico
July 28, 2017