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Time to be Present – 
Molo’s 15th anniversary

This season Molo celebrates 15 years of bringing colors and and playful expressions to children’s fashion.

To mark this incredible milestone, the brand is releasing a unisex capsule collection with a powerful call to action: Time to be Present. In the ubiquity of personal electronic devices and social technology that keeps us all connected all the time, the great irony is that we have never been more disconnected from the present moment—where we are and whom we’re with right now.

A series of tee shirts and sweatshirts in five vibrant colours—alpine flower, Galapagos green, cadmium yellow, chili, and dark navy—along with two caps and bags, all screen printed with a cheerful ‘Time to be present’ smiley face are the perfect reminder to be here now. For those looking to twin for the win, Molo is also releasing adult sweatshirts in limited colourways.

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Text by Jennifer Irizarry

POSTED BY enrico
August 30, 2018