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The Wonder Collection
10 Years of Pop Surrealism and Underground Art


Until the 29th of October, the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome will host “The Wonder Collection”, which is a journey into the seductive world of Pop Surrealism, to discover the artists who laid the foundations of contemporary Figurativism.
The Gallery will guide you in retracing its history, beginning from the first years up until the recent evolution of one of the most innovative and irreverent art movements.
The exhibition offers an emblematic retrospective of the most distinctive and original singularities of pop surrealism through a careful selection of artists whose works still influence the contemporary language of art.
You’ll find paintings from Ray Caesar, Jonathan Viner, Ron Inglese, Sas Christian, Camille Rose Garcia, Alex Gross, Joe Sorren, Tara McPherson, Natalie Shau, Travis Louie, Nathan Spoor and many more.

“The Wonder Collection – 
10 Years of Pop Surrealism and Underground Art”
Dorothy Circus Gallery
until the 29th of October


Cover picture by Nicoletta Ceccoli
1. Jonathan Viner
2. Paolo Guido
3. Tara McPherson
4. Nathan Spoor

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October 24, 2016