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The Numbers
An Exhibition by kid’s wear Magazine @Pitti Bimbo

The future is inside us
It’s not somewhere else
(Radiohead )

A great success at Pitti Bimbo 83 for our Exhibition “The Numbers“.
Since 1995, the kid’s wear concept has been to show children from different, alternative perspectives.
This idea has encouraged the biannual magazine to think outside the box, combining high kids’ fashion with contemporary photography and contributions from the worlds of art, culture and society.
The exhibition presents the work of  11 photographers, who plays in their own ways with the theme of this year’s Pitti Bimbo children’s fashion trade fair in Florence, “P1tt1 Lucky Numb3r5 ”, which proposes as its leitmotif numbers: their aesthetic, graphic and symbolic qualities in fashion and beyond.

Photo by:

Cover by Achim Lippoth

1. Andrea Pérez-Hita

2. Alexandra Klever

3. Jonas Unger

4. Natalie Bothur

5. Daniel Riera

6. Adrian Crispin

7. Philippe van Damme

8. Martin Fengel

9. Debora Mittelstaedt

10. Harriet Esther Muntean


POSTED BY cts-klee
June 27, 2016