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Costalamel: The Honey kids will never grow up!!

Costalamel is a spanish innovative brand of streetwear founded in 2013. It truly began without even being awere of it for the young Ernest Costafreda. He just did what he loved and suddenly it became his job.
Over the past year the brand landed in more than 25 countries around the world.
Costalamel means local production and collaboration, this is why every single t-shirt is made in 4 different ateliers from Barcelona. From the cotton fields to the final delivery, every step in between contains the hearts of its producers. You can feel the passion in this video: 10 hands for 1 t-shirt.
Being “la honey” means to be the kid you have inside. “The Honey kids will never grow up” is the concept that inspires the first collection for kids. 
Be authentic, be a dreamer and be positive.
They think that growing up means being tough and turn insensible to certain things. But when people are able to keep that kind of sensitivity and romanticism that only a kid has, it is really admirable and desirable.
Costalamel started with a kids line as they found it as a natural shift. They made cool t-shirts for adults and so they decided to make something cool also for kids!

Have a look :

Text by Giacomo Cristaldi

POSTED BY cts-klee
April 30, 2015