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The Flying Houses of Laurent Chehere


Laurent Chehere is a French photographer who likes to explore cities and their suburbs as well as all fields of photography, from reportage to conceptual picture.
“Flying houses” is a series, which is the result of Laurent’s explorations of Parisian neighborhoods.
Thanks to photomontage, he isolates buildings from their urban context, releasing them from the anonymity of the street, to tell their life, their hidden stories, real or not, funny or sad.
When showcased in gallery, the images have a large format, so that the curious observer can discover details that heightens realism and suggest a double reading, one by far and one closely.
The author gives some keys… comedy, drama, poetry or darkness.
But the flying houses remain open to the interpretation: it’s the observer who finally will make his own building’s story.

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POSTED BY cts-klee
October 3, 2016