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The first motor-free airplane: Monoplan by Matali Crasset

For PlayWithDesign 3rd edition at Playtime Paris, the designer Matali Crasset has created an airplane called “Monoplan” which flies using pure dream energy specifically for the event.
Graduated at Les Ateliers Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, Matali is an industrial designer of formation: her work conceives itself like a research in moment, made of hypotheses more that principles. She has collaborated with eclectic universes, starting from the electronic music to the handicraft, from the furniture to the scenography, from the interior architecture to the graphics.
“Monoplan is the first motor-free airplane, 100% ecological, which works thanks to the power of game-playing and dream energy. Inside you can snack, sleep, play… everything’s allowed. It’s indestructible, it’s intergalactical…” said Matali Crasset -“children have this imaginative quality that adults have often lost. Monoplan invites them to fly and penetrate across the sky in the first rattan-made airplane.
This Monoplan can carry two or even three passengers and accepts pets of all sizes in its cockpit as well as cuddly toys and all sorts of zoo animals.”

Flexibility, network, imagination are the keywords of Matali’s universe.

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POSTED BY cts-klee
April 18, 2015