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The Fifth Child F/W 2016-17: Androgynous Basics

…it’s a new Danish unisex children’s wear brand for kids aged 2 – 10 years, launched in Spring/Summer 2016… and a sub-line to the very cool adult unisex brand “First Aid to the Injured” which is sold in more than 100 avant-garde stores around the globe… founded by a small group of passionate people from the clothing industry who found a gap in the segment of dark clothing.
They all shared a common belief that a more affordable brand was missing in the field of high-end designers who dominated this specific way of dressing.
This Danish brand is enthusiastic about androgynous basic wear… embracing a monochrome vibe… striving for an easy, relaxed everyday look with minimalistic clean lines and underlying details… found in each piece leaving plenty to explore…
Quite unique are the slightly biased hems and unexpected shapes… yes… this is simply lifesaving basic wear… as each year parts of the profit is donated to various international charity projects – last year for example to Doctors Without Borders…

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
June 20, 2016