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Photographer Sophie Green…

…is a social documentary and amazing portrait photographer… the 25 year old artist is based in London… we love Sophie’s work, as her photography is a spontaneous, intuitive reaction to the ordinary… capturing unconventional beauty in its natural, everyday environment.
Sophie has a strong interest in British culture and communities… all that exist on the edge of society and marginalised people who are under represented and removed from the mainstream… she wants to challenge the common misconceptions and judgements that exist in our society… as well as provide a platform for the subjects to tell their story… Sophie is fascinated by imperfections in life, human vulnerabilities and our ability to overcome adversity… that’s the reoccurring theme throughout her work –the power of the human spirit.
I’m intrigued by communities drawn together by mutual circumstance and by the glue that holds these individuals together.
I believe that trust and respect are fundamental to the process of creating an emotional and revealing portrait“, explains the artist.
Another quite interesting thing is the way she works… as many of her projects develop over several years in order to honour and respect the subjects’ lives and portray them truthfully through images and text.
I avoid retouching and just subtly balance the colour and exposure… If a frame isn’t interesting enough straight out of the camera and you need to put a load of Photoshop layers on an image to make it interesting, then it’s not good enough”, explains Sophie.
She has ways of working and researching different projects. “Ideas sometimes come to me randomly… other times something will inspire me, like an article, film, documentary or the internet… and that’s where a project can take off. I like it when projects unfold in a very natural way. I want my photography to reflect a vision, tell stories and provide an insight that is not always accessible on the surface“. 

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
January 18, 2016