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The Adventure Walks

Pop the Adventure Walks Maps in your bag and plan your trip to Paris, New York, London or Rome with confidence: with this map, you will never wander aimlessly again.
Theses charmingly illustrated colourful maps pack a punch with their 20 easy-to-follow sightseeing walks.
The Paris Map is the perfect companion for any explorer of Ville Lumiere, navigating you straight to the heart of the city. It reveals, at a glance, the best things to see and do, whether a seasoned visitor, a new- comer to the city, or with a family in tow.
Each of the 20 walks takes you to a famous tourist attraction, museum or Paris landmark, dipping into its trendiest neighbourhoods and coolest streets.
Wander round the best museums and art galleries, climb the bell towers of Notre Dame, zoom up the Eiffel Tower, stroll down the Champs-Élysées, fill your basket at Paris’ best food markets and chic shopping streets.
To keep children happy, tempting treats are dangled along the way: ice creams and sorbets, the best patisseries, parks to let off steam in and where to spin on a carousel or see a puppet show.
Becky Jones and Clare Lewis have created a neat way to discover Paris, breaking it down into satisfying chunks that are easily digestible for kids and adults.  

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POSTED BY enrico
March 25, 2017