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Stella Jean: Cross & Avant Garde Creativity

Stella Jean, Milan’s rising star, is a talented Italo-Haitian designer, who began her career in fashion by working as a model… but soon discovered her real calling: making her own creations.
Stella Jean style reflects and evokes her métissage and Creole heritage: blending old continent culture with the verve of the new continent… to develop an extremely unique personal handwriting… No wonder, even Giorgio Armani is a huge fan of Stella Jean’s joyful creations. Stella works with artisans in her mother’s native Haiti to create fabrics for her label. “Yes, I use very unusual fabrics – colours and prints that people normally would wear on holyday. But I mostly use shapes from the Fifties and Sixties to make the clothes feel familiar enough”, she admits.
Her Fall/Winter 2015 children fashion is made for young, openminded cosmopolitan citizens. The Stella Jean’s little explorers dress with the colours of the world, always with a wink to the retro style…

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
July 1, 2015