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Soft Gallery: The Magic Jubilee Collection. Happy Birthday!

„Every child is an artist“, said Pablo Picasso… who tried all his life to see the world with the curious eyes of a kid… Soft Galleries Jubilee Collection is created with the sensitivity of an artist and creative inputs from modern life and the world that surrounds us. All created with an artisan spirit… striving to make something unique and tremendously personal… embracing the combination of delicate handwork and the poetic soul of an artisan… All is made for girls, boys and babies… the tiny ones will be snuggling up in lovely knitted set that looks as if they were made by hand.

Soft Gallery was established in 2007 by the creative duo Barbara Hvidt and Tine Holt Møller. Barbara and Tine met in London, during the first years of their studies. As Barbara photographed Tine’s master degree collection from Royal College of Art during her own studies at London College of Fashion. That was the beginning of a close creative friendship… Today Soft Gallery is based in Copenhagen – Denmark, and has its roots in the Scandinavian notion, yet with collaborations from all over the globe… Together Barbara and Tine create poetic luxury children’s clothing, collaborating with both local and international artists…striving to bring the art to the eye level of kids and to pass on inspiring stories… 

The celebration collection has an almost magic vibe… highlighting Soft Gallery’s 10th anniversary with the limited edition: „The Celebration Collection – It’s a work of art“…  
which shows the essence of Soft Gallery – the artistic twist on kids-wear that makes it so incredibly special. Happy Birthday Tine and Barbara…  for those wonderful things, you both create with intuition and from your heart!

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

August 9, 2017