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Soft Gallery and a Glimpse of Quiet Beauty

Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world… A glimpse of quiet beauty when the first snow falls over an undisturbed landscape. White flakes caught in your eyelashes. Rays of a bright shining sun, clouds of warm air as you breathe on a icy winter day. Small creatures hiding behind trees and bushes in the forest. Curious, playful and alive. Wild flowers and fauna. Nature changing over time. Do you see it?
The Soft Gallery A/W collection ‘A Glimpse’ is all about what begins when all the consistency ends.
A glimpse never stands alone but is followed by a question, a wonder, a feeling of fear, joy or hope. Your mind will follow a glimpse like Alice did the white rabbit.
And when you’re not sure of what you saw or what you know, and can’t follow the fragment but are left with the glimpse, imagination takes over.
A world of imagination is the world of childhood. And the world of childhood is the universe of Soft Gallery.
The creative duo of Soft Gallery, Barbara Hvidt and Tine Holt Møller, in collaboration with a corps of artists, have created their imaginative, magical and humorous prints for this seasons soft galleries: striped nosed raccoons, dressed up stags, a baby bear on a unicorn pony, a bunny girl and a luminous lions head, a lone wolf and a foxy fox, a rabbit on the run, a panther and a polar bear, tingly feathers and maple leafs and a grizzly with a wide, wild roar. And owls of course…

Try and get a glimpse of it!

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January 8, 2015