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‘Simone Veil’ group of schools in Colombes, France

Hot pink and orange paintwork accentuate niches in the wooden facade of this school designed by French office Dominique Coulon & Associés for the Parisian suburb of Colombes: the Simone Veil group of schools forms a structural element in the urban composition of the new eco-neighbourhood.
The building is on three levels. The plot of land is small, and the roof areas are used to house the elementary school’s classrooms and educational gardens. The group also includes a sports hall, a canteen, a library, and out-of-school childcare facilities.
The building is very thick; the hollows scooped out of the facades serve as facets, attracting the light and reflecting it back.
A number of patios irrigate the heart of the building, bringing natural light into its thickness: internal transparencies add extra richness to traffic routes.
While the corridors are vibrantly coloured, the classrooms are more subdued. They feature bare concrete walls and wooden furniture.
The ground floor has the advantage of transparency through the covered courtyard, offering a glimpse of the multi-coloured playground, which is intended to be a very autonomous and artificial universe.
The bright colours transform the space, expanding it to create a place for educational stimulation.
This project avoids all form of repetition; the light, the materials used, and the traffic routes create micro-events.
These fragments come together in a joyful chaos..

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September 9, 2016