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She – Vivian Maier 

Once upon a time there was… a nanny. Her name was Vivian. Vivian Maier.
She loved all children, but I was her one truly love. Here I am. Me, her camera. She used to hold me beside her heart.”

Cinzia Ghigliano, Italian cartoonist, tells us the amazing story of Vivian Maier, composing a diary, not handwritten, but beautifully illustrated… giving speech to the inseparable Vivian’s Rolleiflex.
Shy, introverted yet eccentric, Vivian Maier was able to capture the souls of people through her pictures: children, which she nannied, or outcasts met in the street of New York and Chicago.
They felt they could trust Vivian and her camera and she used to photograph them with a very special care.
We dont’ know what Vivian would have done if she lived in the digital era.
Just one thing is for sure. She captured time for us, and every moment enclosed in her images is today our memory.

Cinzia Ghigliano, She – Vivian Maier, Copyright Orecchio Acerbo, 2016

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POSTED BY cts-klee
November 15, 2016