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Severina Kids

Founded by self proclaimed globetrotter, half Argentinian half Italian, Alejandra Salvatore, Severina Kids is a unique artisan brand.
It offers beautifully handcrafted toys and objects for children and the young at heart. Conceived and illustrated by Alejandra, then handmade by artisans, Severina’s toys are distributed worldwide maintaining a certain uniqueness. How? Each piece is produced with slight variations in style and fabric, so that it becomes “one of a kind”. 

Alejandra’s mother and grandmother were passionate craftswomen and from her early childhood she was surrounded by people designing, knitting and sewing.
The name Severina Kids was inspired by the birthplace of Alejandra’s grandparents, Santa Severina, a small village in the South of Italy.
For the new season Alejandra is back with an inventive new collection that will delight old and new fans with charming pieces, created from organic and recycled materials.
Inspired by travels, nature and Argentina, the new additions include Mimi Meow, the kitten who loves ballet (who joins the hanks-knitted collections of dogs, cats, mice and mushrooms), Bedtime and Traveller Dolls and the range of  Zoo Londoners… the more fashionistas dolls in town!

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POSTED BY patricia
March 15, 2017