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SAWA: The First Sneakers “Made in Africa”

Yes, truly: Sawa is the first sneaker “Made in Africa”.
It’s an activist project which consists in creating added value in Africa and the Shoe designer Mehdi Slimani is on a mission to get his SAWA shoes on all the stylish, and socially conscious, people of the world.
The Algeria-born Paris resident has made it a point to manufacture his super stylish sneakers in Ethiopia and says: “Behind our ‘Made in Africa’ statement, there are factory, workers, their families, a school, a hospital.“
The project came from the will to make something different with Africa by avoiding to use Africa just to glorify the brand. “I think that if you decide to use Africa to sell your products, it is fair as long as you have the courage of your opinion by going there and producing there.
According to me it is a real way to help Africa. We are now producing our shoes in Ethiopia but the brand was born in Cameroon.“
In Cameroon, Sawa is the name of the native people from Douala city. “We fell in love with the name, it sounds very nice… later we learn that Sawa means “together” in Arabic so it was even more perfect!“
Vintage attitude is the best description of the SAWA line. “When I look to our shoes, I have always the famous picture of Bob Marley playing football in his super tight to body Adidas suit… Our aesthetic inspirations are deeply rooted in the reality. As I understood that you can wear a piece of cloth for its style, for its comfort or for its message!“
..cool shoes for parents and their kids…

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
October 14, 2016