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Sath transforms urban environments into surreal, colorful compositions

Street artist Sath is famous to create colorful compositions that stand at the edge of the surreal.
Born in 1983, in Mallorca, he took a diploma in graphic design and then started to use can and spray to paint reality by colours.
He uses figurative elements of the urban surrounding to transform every day life situations into new ones.
This re-contextualization is a tool to construct new meanings from the ordinary.
Working primarily in Spain and Thailand, using both the environment or the canvas, he is a visual communicator who shares with us his curiosity and thoughts through painting art.

Lollipop – Hua Hin 2014

1. Sath
2. Rainblow – Bangkog 2014
3. Binary System – Mallorca 2013
4. Nap-kin – Bangkog 2015
5. Plan(e) – Bangkog 2014

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Text Enrico Fragale Esposito

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February 5, 2016