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Retro Graphic Pioneers by Bellerose

This Fall/Winter Bellerose invites us to time travel to the 50’s and 60’s of Belgium, Brussels.

To a time where graphic designer Lucien De Roeck left his distinct mark on the World Exhibition. Embrace a feeling of progression, when jazz was emerging, blues and rock n’roll were in their infancy and the fearless pioneers of space and skate set forth to venture further than ever before.

Subtle retro branding to large prints taken straight from De Roeck’s sketchbooks. Mix and match will forever be Bellerose’s motto, soft and fuzzy fused with tomboyishness and nostalgic graphic references. Stylistically retro with athletic elements for the cool kids and fashion pioneers to enjoy.

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Text by Katie Kendrick

POSTED BY enrico
November 22, 2018