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Puppets, marionettes, robots and real children…

The Accademia dei Bambini is Fondazione Prada’s first project specifically created for children, and was developed by the neuropediatrician Giannetta Ottilia Latis.
It is a space created as an independent structure, equipped with everything it needs to conduct multidisciplinary activities, not strictly connected with art exhibitions, but also open to dialogue and debate about pedagogical–cultural issues… but everything to be experienced through gameplay, creativity, learning and exchange.
From September 2016 to January 2017, the Academia will host a new project titled “Burattini, marionette… robot e bambini veri”, which will unfold as a series of workshops, events and screenings.
This specific subject, the puppet, brings along the idea of the double. Through their doubles, both children and adults elaborate an inner image of themselves and challenge the outer world.
Puppets, marionettes and robots will be protagonist of activities aimed at examining this experience in depth.
A first series of workshops led by Eugenio Colla and Piero Corbella, from the historic Carlo Colla & Sons’ Puppeteers Company, will run through the month of October: a selection of rare videos from the Compagnia’s archive will be screened.
Save the date! The 23rd of October, the Company is ready to amaze the audience with a special show inspired by Oscar Wilde’s “The Selfish Giant”. 

The complete workshops schedule and events calendar is available on:

October 6, 2016