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Puella Petite

Barbara Barbantini created the Italian brand “Puella” (which means in latin young girl) in 2001: since her very first collection, she has preferred to focus on recycled fabrics and objects from the past, because they express better her concept of fashion… that goes beyond the short-term use.
In 2010  her daughters were born and Barbara decided to create “Puella Petite” a collection of clothes and bijoux for little girls: vintage dresses, funny color block tights, neon socks, minimal and timeless accessories like handbands, fairytales and matrioska inspired necklaces, earrings and cute small bags.
This winter collection is influenced by the works of Balthus, french artist, famous for his paintings of adolescent girls: the color palette is composed by emerald green, peacock blue, natural rose beige and a touch of fluo color block.  
All the jewelry that Barbara makes is numbered and obtained from vintage bijoux, French lace, crystal, old fabrics stuck in metal frames.
Everything is produced in Italy with precious materials, tailor made details and a lot of ♡.

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October 9, 2015